Design 1. for the iPhone case. Elegant design that appeals to everyone. The case is made of black plastic combined with metal buttons. The back of the case has the texture that can be made out of leather.

iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 Case

Design 2. for the iPhone case. Sporty yet elegant case designed for people to whom the sport is an integral part of life. It is made out of black plastic, combined with rubber that has the purpose of shielding the iPhone from scratches or falling. All of the buttons are also made of rubber, and the volume button slides up/down.

iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 Case

Design 3. for the iPhone case. A case with a softer and more fluid form, for the better feel in hand. It is plastic, and the buttons are metal.

iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 Case

Design 4. for the iPhone case. Elegant case made out of wood and combined with metal. Designed for admirers of wood and wooden objects.

iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 Case

...with some of whom he continued to do business. As a part of his faculty studies, he attended graphic design classes where he had a chance to get to know the basics of graphic design, and then continued learning independently, further deepening that knowledge.

He has proven himself successful in areas such as product design, graphic design, web design, identities and logo design as well as branding product and interior.

He is familiar with art skills such as drawing, painting, sketching, constructing models (hand modeling), illustration, photography…

He uses 3D programs such as 3D Rhinoceros, Gemvision Matrix, T-Splines for Rhino, V-Ray for Rhino, V-Ray for Max, KeyShot 2-3, and 2D programs Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, After Effects.

He is a team player and is always eager to learn something new.


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Commercially Retail
Gradska Cistoca
CitiScan Radiology
Sparkis Group
Teken Media
Rapport Group